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Originally Posted by glock39 View Post
Yesterday I checked out the local Gander Mountain. The only lever action 357 they had left was a Rossi Ranch Hand:

I had briefly considered one of these earlier, but dismissed it as a range toy. The Ranch Hand is far too clunky to use as a serious close quarters pistol. But while I was there, I asked the clerk to let me handle one. Somewhat to my surprise, I discovered that was possible to hold it against my shoulder. Sort of. Very awkward, and only the bottom point of the stock was actually touching. I suspect that a shotgun style shoulder pad and/or a removable recoil pad on the pistol would make a noticeable improvement. But I actually had a usable sight picture and it was far more stable than holding a pistol out with two hands. Ballistically the 12 inch barrel gives most of the advantages of a carbine, and if it could be shot more accurately than a pistol...

The Ranch Hand is legally a pistol, so it would usually have to be carried concealed. But at 24 inches, it's small enough to fit inside a backpack, gym bag or whatever much easier than a 34 inch carbine. Definitely a compromise in shoot-ability, but there's a lot to be said for a "long" gun that can be carried inconspicuously. If it was spotted, it's even more "cowboy" than a lever action rifle.
I like the lever gun idea for all the reasons you mentioned in your first post. I have a Marlin 44mag and it's great. This thing? Blah! I'll take an AK pistol any day over it. If you must conceal it, might as well go AK pistol. For open carry and not freaking sheeple (or people even) out, wood furniture lever gun.
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