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Originally Posted by Blast View Post
I agree with void. I respect and admire Lawrence Krauss, and I agree creationist science should not be taught in schools, but calling it child abuse is a bit much.
Creationist science is not mainstream among theists. Many theists see science as merely discovering God's method.
As for the Bible, much is metaphors, symbolism, written in an ancient time when scientific principles were unknown.
God left it up to us to discover the nature of the universe.
What about not educating them on anything just to be on the safe side? Surely no information is better than incorrect information right?

If keeping your kids away from any education could be considered child abuse then filling their heads with nonsense like a 6000 year old earth and dinosaurs being ridden into battle can certainly be considered as such. That's just crap that they'll have to unlearn and overcome later in life.

Ask me about my Christian upbringing. I'd certainly call it abuse and I think most of the atheists here will tell you a similar story.
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