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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
What about not educating them on anything just to be on the safe side? Surely no information is better than incorrect information right?
You would be doing them wrong, certainly. You'd be setting them up to fail in the world.

It is not, however, in my mind the equivalent of beating the crap out of a child, or raping a child, or psychologically messing with a kid's head.

If people start treating a parent telling kids things that are wrong, that the parent personally believes is true, as child abuse - that's getting too close to thought crime, in my opinion. There may be a line of mis-education where it is child abuse (knowingly telling them things that are wrong, perhaps) - but simply telling your kids something that you yourself believe is actually true, but you're wrong?

Some of the things people teach their children about history are in fact incorrect, for instance - they are merely apocryphal tales that have no historical justification, and have nothing to do with religion. The parents doing that, are they also committing child abuse?
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