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Originally Posted by void * View Post
Well, I can say that when I figured it out, I felt somewhat like the whole world had lied to me. I can also say that when I believed, I used to have a recurring dream where a 40-foot Jesus would come and take everyone but me to heaven - and when I stopped believing, I no longer had that dream, because I really, truly no longer feared that.

And I think that certain practices of certain religions can approach, and even outright be, psychological abuse.

However, do you really think that merely telling a kid something that is factually incorrect /that you actually believe/ rises to that level all by itself?

If I happened to actually believe that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, for whatever reason, and I tell my kid that - do you think that is child abuse?
How scared were you of that 40' Jesus? Would it be any better or worse if they had told you there was a monster living in your closet that would eat you if you didn't behave? Then they take you to the monster church once a week (you guys were lucky, I had to sit through that crap 3 nights a week) to pray for the monster not to eat you and hear all the graphic stories of other kids who hadn't listened and were eaten and...

here's the kicker...

The ****ing grownups believe this stuff too! They have jobs and cars and no bedtime and can do whatever they like and they choose to do this silly monster church garbage! It must be real, right?

No, I'm pretty sure that scaring the hell out of kids to the point where they have issues with your lies even as grownups passed for some serious child abuse. I could come up with some stories that would get me arrested if I were to read them to little kids and none of those stories would come close to touching the horror and depravity of the bible.
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