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I am not trying to say anything that would necessarily invalidate what you are saying about your personal experiences.

I am just trying to make the point that *merely* telling a kid something that you yourself believe is true should not automatically be considered child abuse.

Grok? I do not consider a parent telling a kid that the world is 6k years old, because the kid asks and the parent actually believes that, to be child abuse. There could be other things going on in such a family that *would* be child abuse, but the "Dad, how old is the world?" "6k years" scenario is not it, not all by itself.

Personally, I don't actually even approach it that way, as a matter of 'I say this is true'. When my kids ask me things we go research it, and talk about it - and otherwise I'm often telling them wild stories that they giggle about. To the point where if I say things that sound mildly out there but are actually true I get large calls of B.S. (they, of course, don't use the term B.S.) from my kids, at which point we ... go research it. Last November my youngest called B.S. when I told him what a turducken was - at which point we ... went and researched it. It was fun. We laughed a lot - but the general point being sent across is "get data. Check things out. Think about it".
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