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Originally Posted by JackMac View Post
It is the low quality Benelli. Kind of like the C class ain't top of the line.
I have the Benelli M2 Tactical, It’s a lot higher quality then many other shotguns I’ve owned. Especially the more popular brands mentioned on this forum. Like the shotgun people talk about having trouble ejection low brass shells because of machine marks in the chamber, then discussing how to correct this problem by polishing the chamber? Or the $800.00 semi auto with canted front sights or bent magazine extension. Now I’m not saying my Benelli M2 is the best shotgun on the market but after putting over 1,000 shells through my gun with most of them being the low brass cheap loads you get at Wal-Mart in their 100 shell value pack with zero malfunctions, I’d say it’s darn close.

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