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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
Thought about the Ranch Hand but not as a concealable gun by any means... but rather, like you said, more of a backpack or truck gun.
Well, by concealable, I obviously mean only in comparison to a regular rifle. You could put a Ranch Hand inside a gym bag and carry it to and from your truck without anyone wondering what's in the funny, rifle-shaped package. You could walk down the street carring a 2 foot bag of some kind and not stand out as much as you would carrying a 3 foot bag.

If it did get spotted, it's more friendly looking than a AK pistol or broken down AR rifle. If it was discovered by your employer or a police officer, it doesn't look as much like you're on your way to start a mass shooting. For a backpack gun, it's probably more explainable to a game warden than any military style gun would be.
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