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Originally Posted by Bruce M View Post
While I understand why, in some way I am disappointed (not that anyone cares, or should.) My best guess is that any of several things will be much more moderated here which while maintaining a certain decorum will almost certainly reduce the entertainment value. And I think sometimes it is a good reminder that they are out there.
The producer and head writer, and the directors of that entertaining show, have found that some patrons are just not willing to follow the head writers interactive script. They tend to ad lib inappropriately, even offensively, and often take the theme of the various acts of the show way off course.

Disappointing as it will be that patrons will no longer have the convenience of the show in their personal GT neighborhood, and as disappointing as it might be that some previous patrons will not travel to the original playhouse, CT, the show's producer feels it best to bring it back home.

There is still the less, a very little less, scripted show in the CL neighborhood that will become more popular as time goes on.

So, yes, the available entertainment has been dialed back.

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