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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Are you saying that you believe that nothing in science proves or disproves the possibility of a deity? If that's actually your position, just say so.
Are you alleging that I haven't just said so, twice, in this thread already?

If so please explain how

Originally Posted by void * View Post
I am not the one dodging the question. You know (or *should* know) well that I have stated multiple times that I do not think that it is possible to prove or disprove the existence of a creator.

Originally Posted by void * View Post
If that's not clear enough for you : I do not think that the existence or nonexistence of a deity/creator is provable one way or the other, I've stated this multiple times, in responses to posts you have made, and I think it's ridiculous that you pretend otherwise.
are not statements that clearly indicate I do not think it is provable whether or not a deity exists, through science or otherwise.

While you're at it, could you please
a) Provide evidence I have ever claimed science can prove or disprove a diety
b) Admit that you made an accusation that I was someone who faithfully believed that science can prove whether or not a deity/creator exists without actually having evidence to support the accusation
"The human mind is seldom satisfied, and is not justifiable by any natural process whatsoever, as regards geometry, our universe differs only slightly from a long-term, bi-directional, single trait selection experiment." -- Maxwell/Einstein/Johansson

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