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I think parents forget that children are adults in training. When you fill their heads with Santa Claus, Easter Bunnies, Jesus, God, Angels, Unicorns, Devils and all sorts of other imaginary nonsense you're training what will someday become a full grown adult that the lines between reality and fiction are somehow blurry when in fact they are not. But it creates a bias whether you like it or not. Which is why you have full grown adults saying things like "Evolution is a lie straight from the pits of Hell". Really look at that sentence for a second. Evolution... something which we know happens and is factual and reality... is a lie straight from the pit of an imaginary place that no one has ever seen or proven to exist. Yet it's the reality... that is considered the lie.

I consider anything that trains a person to be that irrational as abuse. It has kept them from living within reality. It has made their life a blurry devotion to creatures and beings that simply don't exist.

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