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Originally Posted by radmonkeyx View Post
I finally got one! called stores regularly and seems i always missed them. a buddy heard bass pro was getting some in. went and stood in line and they got 3 colts plus 10 others. i bought a Colt LE6920MP. really stoked to get my first AR. now the fun of picking out a site(thinking eotech), green laser, light and other gizmos...and finding ammo. just wanted to share and tell others to keep at it, they are out there.
Congrats. Hopefully the price was okay, Bass Pro is usually pretty high on firearms prices, but even their old price would be pretty good today.

Originally Posted by samuse View Post
Sling. Light. Optic.

In that order. Nothing else really adds anything to a carbine for CQ use.


Sling swivels.

QD socket for the hand guard.

QD socket for the stock.


That's about $250 for a good sling and light setup.

It's sounds like a lot, but you'll never 'outgrow' that stuff and it's good kit.
I agree. Don't go hanging all kinds of stuff on the rifle until you get some ammo and get out there to shoot it, preferably with some training.

A sling and a light are the basics, optic optional and next on the list.

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