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Originally Posted by Cwlongshot View Post
I never could understand this line of thinking...

Not really talking personal protection here, but ''battles'' are won with tactics and rounds ON TARGET. Spray and pray will be left nerves twitching on the floor with a well places shot...

TRAINING, SHOOTING will overcome ALLOT if not ALL situations. Cool heads come from that, we all know cooler heads usually prevail.

I'm a competitive shooter, many times I have beaten shooters with high tech Benelli shotguns. Beaten them a couple times with a 100 year only Winchester thumb buster!! The first time we did that we where nearly laughed off the line... at the end there was allot of back slapping and many wanted to see this old shotgun. Much like the saying its the singer not the song... Its the shooter NOT the gun.

Well, I do understand you're line of thinking. On the surface, it seems reasonable, but is a result of not making decisions based on giving yourself the best possible advantage. Yes, I'd agree about cool heads and being familiar with tactics, but the truth is that you might, and you might not wish you had an equipment advantage.......especially since it's a realistic likelihood that whomever you might be facing will be able to apply that advantage against a lever action rifle.

It's a gamble, and you can increase the odds by having the tools that will cover all the possibilities with a better advantage. This is not to say it's impossible to prevail with the lever rifle, but to believe it covers all the likely "unknowns" is fallacy.........

To be fair, I have, in the past, used a lever rifle for a truck gun. I don't anymore, specifically because honest evaluation of the realistic possibilities suggest there are times when a lever rifle might not be the best matter how cool headed I am, or level of training I've had.

There is one thing I'd like to make clear........Using a lever rifle as a trunk gun isn't a poor choice at all. I'm not saying anyone else should not choose a lever rifle for this purpose.....I don't, and that's a personal choice I have made for myself, and nobody else but me. From my point of view, there are other choices that are clearly better from the aspect that situations differ.......and the best equipment to handle different situations may differ, as well......

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