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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
So there you go then, problem solved.
Actually, no. First, I cannot trust your statement that you will take my statement at face value, given that I have made such statements to you multiple times in the past, and yet you still accused me of being someone who faithfully believes that science can prove whether or not a deity/creator exists. In my opinion you are quite likely to make such an accusation in the future, despite my having recently made the statements yet again. You've done so before, I have no reasonable assurance that you will not do so again.

Second, you have not yet
a) Provided evidence I have ever claimed science can prove or disprove a diety
b) Admitted that you made an accusation that I was someone who faithfully believed that science can prove whether or not a deity/creator exists without actually having evidence to support the accusation

You've merely avoided actually doing so.

Like I said before - integrity. Can you man up and write the words "Yes, void, I did in fact accuse you of something I had no evidence for", or something to that effect, or not? Will you continue to avoid it, hoping it will all go away?
"The human mind is seldom satisfied, and is not justifiable by any natural process whatsoever, as regards geometry, our universe differs only slightly from a long-term, bi-directional, single trait selection experiment." -- Maxwell/Einstein/Johansson

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