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Originally Posted by hogship View Post
Not really sure what your point is, RWBlue.......

.Do you think I could not request, nor have any reasonable chance of being chosen to speak?

You have better odds on winning the lottery vs. testifying in front of congress.

The closest I have come is preparing documents and I am 99% sure they were never read.

My point is, if someone got celebrity status for doing ABC, then they should get to testify as an expert in ABC. If someone became an expert by dancing with some stars, they should not be a source we go to for knowledge about ABC.

So we have Chris Rock telling us Obama is our daddy. I am sorry, I know who my dad is. It is NOT Obama. We have Jessica Alba telling us how bad guns are. What the hell do they know about guns, or who my daddy is?

If they brought in hunter, shooter, cops, hell even criminals....
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