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Hello from Sunny Phoenix, AZ

I am new to this Forum but not to the Glock family of firearms. My first Glock was a G19 Gen 2 LEO Turn-In, replaced a faithful friend (Ruger P89) for a more compact every day carry firearm. Best part, turned around and sold the Ruger 30 minutes later. Wound up with $40.00 out of pocket when all was said and done.

Wife liked the G19 so much I gave it to her. I upgraded to my current every day carry G23 Gen 3 LEO Turn-In.

Replaced my daughter's .38 special snubnose with a NIB G26 Gen 3 recently so I guess you can say a family of Glocks.

I hit the range as often as I can to keep my skills up.

Take it easy everyone.
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