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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Ok. See ya around.
Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
...No big. It's not like I don't experience the same thing around here daily. I just correct the mistake, and move on.
Holy smokes the victim card. Who would of though you would sink that low? You have got to be the biggest chicken **** Dbag on GT ever. Oh I'm sorry did I insult you again? My bad. I imagine I did so because you make me uncomfortable not because I think you're an assclown of the highest magnitude. I'm probably so insecure in my own beliefs that you can more accurately state my position on the subject because their is no way I could take from your responses that you're just a huge Dbag. I'm sorry I insulted you again. I apologize in advance if I hurt your feely weelings.

Get over yourself.

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