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Eye issue...Any easy resolution?

I recently bought a glock 23 and have put about 500 rounds down range trying to get over my flinch/slap issues. Getting better and working through them. On to my main issue...I am right handed and right eye dominant but had my right eye cut by someone's fingernail about 30 years ago. As I have gotten older my eyesight in that eye has degraded especially in the center of the eye. I learned to shoot pistols when i was about 6 or 7 but have not shot them for about 20 years. I really enjoy shooting them but have noticed that my vision in my dominant eye makes it more difficult to maintain center when bullseye shooting. Will be going to eye doc to try to help but i wanted to find out if there are any viable techniques to utilize the opposite eye. Normally shoot out of weaver type stance. Having been checking out CAR due to use of opposite eye. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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