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Originally Posted by juggy4711 View Post
I don't have a hard time with anything. You have a hard time understanding that I will not treat you with respect just because you think it's appropriate. You don't deserve respect and will get none from me.

You also don't get that I don't care if you think it is a convincing strategy. I do not care if you are convinced. You are not the end all be all and my positions are not dependent on you. Again get over yourself.

Just how much do you think it bothers me that you choose to act without manners on an Internet forum? Your poor behavior does me no harm. You're little more that an avatar and a bad attitude to me.

He who gets over it first wins, and I was over your lack of an ability to calmly have a disagreement a while ago. The only one emotionally decomposing between the two of us is you.

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