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Thank you bac. As I stated in a message to Eric. I had been trying to register since I moved to Phoenix and purchased my G19 Gen 2. Kept getting a screen message "Your IP Address has been banned" however, I had never tried to register nor held an account before my move. Learned the guy from the cable company had set up my service to permit he and his friends to hack into my account and my computers. I have to wonder if this is why the IP Address was banned.
Either way, I am honored to be a member of this forum and look forward to gaining information, learning from fellow members as well, maybe I can share some of my knowledge here.

Will be back in Phoenix tomorrow evening, hoping that I will still be able to log into my account. Open message to the Administration and or Moderators. How do I make contact with you once back in phoenix if there is still an issue with my home IP Address?

Respectfully submitted,
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