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Did Adam have a belly button?

Seriously though, creationism flies in the face of reality, consistently. As I raise my son to be tolerant and respectful of people's religious beliefs, regardless of how they conflict with how I taught him to understand reality, there still are conflicts among children.

I live in a pretty conservative christian area, kids here are raised pretty fundie and hard corps, some to the point that a couple are not allowed to enter our home because we are not christian, which is kind of spooky to me. The kids challenge my son quite a bit, asking why he doesn't believe in god and telling him that he is going to hell. Seeds planted by their parents to instill fear of eternal damnation and the prophesy of a magical man in the sky watching over him.

My son is 9 and intelligent enough to tell them he respects their religion and that in criticizing him, they are in fact committing a sin of their own beliefs and to please just change the subject so they don't sin any further. It confounds some of them but my son holds fast that there are unknowns, but also that the reality of evolution, when chemistry became biology and the billions of years of proofs hold fast to actual reality, not imaginary mythological tales of talking snakes and a rib-woman in some fantasy garden where life began as a full grown adult.

I was raised catholic, and put through the system, schools and all, altar boy, guilt based religious indoctrination, the whole shabang. Only when I began to question the church did I become free of its grasp. I was told not to question, which made me question further.

I am ok with whatever you want to believe, to me it's like sports teams. You can be a fan of your team, and of course every other team is wrong, but yours, yours is the chosen team, the only REAL team and others are never going to see the light unless you convince them to root for YOUR team. That defines the arrogance of organized religion, that YOUR chosen path is the only one and the others are wrong. Organized religion is a complete facade to me. Believe what you want, raise your children with values morals and ethics of a good person, to do good, be kind, share happiness, but don't feed them fairy tales packed with guilt, fire and brimstone, that's no way to raise intelligent, productive members of society.
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