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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
First of all the teaching spouse may not be knowledgeable enough.

Secondly even if the spouse is knowledgeable it doesn't mean that the person can teach.

Thirdly the two spouses are too emotionally vested to make objective calls.

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Yeah, good points. So far, my wife is appreciative of my help and has asked me to accompany her to the range. She feels more comfortable with me than the overly-pushy range guides there. Last weekend, she went to the range solo and from here on out till her CHL test in 3 weeks she'll be going alone. That way I don't become a crutch for her. I'm not an expert or professional as I have noted, but I do at least know the basics which is all I was attempting to help her with. However, I never forced my help upon her. She requested it. I am all for her going to professionals for training and she actually has a class coming up in a couple weeks with a professional. Once she gets her CHL, we plan to do further training in handgun handling, proficiency and some tactical stuff. Both of us.

Yeah, I know that me teaching her is unorthodox, but we're an unorthodox couple and don't fit into most typical social norms.

Originally Posted by GeneralSnafu View Post
I don't know about Texas but in Florida, there is no shooting proficiency part of the test. Basically if you can fire off one round downrange, without dropping the gun or killing anyone, you're pretty much good to go. Yup, it's pretty ridiculous but, that's Floriduh for you.
There is a shooting proficiency test in Texas. 50 rounds in 5 round sets. 5, 10, and 15 yards. Although it's not a marksmanship test so, from what I remember from my test, as long as someone hits the paper the majority of the time, they pass. Inside the 7 ring gets them a fair score too.
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