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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
It really reminds me of a loss of perspective and the "tunnel vision" coming on a bit quick and in a larger context than in a gunfight.

The officers lost perspective when it comes to the sheer number of pickups out there, much less the ones that actually match the actual description of the suspect's. They got lost in the tunnel vision convincing themselves that they had the suspect despite all of the peripheral evidence that indicated other wise.

Indeed it was small version of "mob psychology" playing out. Their individual fears fed off each other and therefore fed their mechanism for quelling their fear. That mechanism was gunfire.

Just a hunch.
Cops in Redondo beach also fired on a Honda Ridgeline.

As a guy who has 135K on his Nissan Titan (which I sure as HECK would not be driving around LA these days) I'm a bit insulted anyone could mistake a Ridgeline for my actual pickup.

In the link Russ put up, lawyer says the Taco was fire on without any command to stop. Who knows?

Thing is, this is not roadblock duty in the sandbox -- fail to stop or slow at the checkpoint and get lit up. You just cannot apply those ROE in Los Angeles, even outside the home of an HVT LEO brass you are guarding.
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