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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Where in the Cato information is the total number of warrants served? Like you said, that "rare" word needs definition.
Don't disagree, Russ. Entirely qualitative, not quantitative.

Not sure how "rare" would be quantified even with a measure against all warrants -- .01%? 0.1%? 1.0%

I think the Cato study (which is a bit out of date) demonstrates that it falls into the "more than you might think" or the "far from unheard of" categories.

Put it this way. I live in a really nice suburb of Miami. It happened twice in two years within a few miles of my house. One raid, the right address was MILES away in what amounts to a ghetto, instead of the million-dollar mini-mansion that got raided. Someone transposed SE or SW or something similar. Hard to imagine how it happened. But, it does.
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