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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
Good eye on the shotgun shells. I was wondering about the larger holes, like the top right (passenger side) of that back windshield. Either a good group, or a strange break, or maybe caused by the shotgun?
To Mrs Vr's point, I'm not bashing LEO's; California has a serious predator/assassin on the loose. This is a guy has at least some knowledge of police tactics, was fired 5 years ago so could have a prepared strategy - he could have been planning this for years. My concern is these particular officers.

I've shot the Federal Flight Control; that stuff holds a pretty tight group even out to 20 or more yards. Considering the tire shot has only one hole in the mud flap you have at least one shotgun and one pistol.

These guys must have thought it was the wild west.
Now when asked when I think things will change I answer "The next time Thomas (aka the fed) robs Peter (aka the 53%) to pay Paul (aka the 47%) and Peter pulls a gun...things will change"
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