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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
And do you believe those officers will not be held accountable under the law for their actions?
Do you believe that officers ever benefit from what is known as the "Blue Code of Silence"?

Or another example

Rarity requires comparison. You say it is not rare, yet you refuse to quantify the number of mistakes to the total number of warrant services. Why?
Because it does not require a comparison. Rarity is quantified by frequency.
You say more than one is too many. Using your number, you would say that 5 out of 10,000, just to pick a number, 0.05% is not rare. At what percentage of total warrant services does the number pass from rare to not rare?
Here, why don't you answer a question for a change? But it's going to be a tough one for you, because it is going to utterly refute the point you are trying to make.

Do you think that automobile fatalities are rare?
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