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Originally Posted by Skyhook View Post
If one watches Hannity tonight he will see and hear a brilliant pediatric neurosurgeon who happens to be a black gentleman of distinction.

Check it out.
'Hook -- just watched the Hannity segment, and had to thank you again for giving me the heads up that Dr. Carson would be on. Political Issues

What an absolutely amazing, articulate, charming, and profound gentleman is this Dr. Carson! I didn't think I could admire him any more than after seeing his speech, but he managed to turn that feat.

His upbringing and background should be an inspiration to us all. I love the fact that he mentioned that public feedback to his speech has been "99.5 percent" complimentary.

I really hope to see much more of him as a public figure.

"When newspapers are controlled, it's amazing how ignorant and immune from pressure the government can be." -- Amartya Sen

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