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Originally Posted by Razorsharp View Post
Do you believe that officers ever benefit from what is known as the "Blue Code of Silence"?
You do, you believe that very strongly. So what value would you give any answer I made? no need to respond.
Originally Posted by Razorsharp View Post
His department ruled the shooting unjustified. They were going to fire him. He resigned before being fired.

The coroners inquest jury had mixed findings about the case, non conclusive findings. The prosecutor made the decision to not file charges.

Law enforcement ruled the shooting unjustified. The prosecutor would not prosecute. So law enforcement is to blame for prosecutor failure to prosecute based on the decisions of the coroner's inquest jurors.
Originally Posted by Razorsharp View Post
Because it does not require a comparison. Rarity is quantified by frequency.
Here, why don't you answer a question for a change? But it's going to be a tough one for you, because it is going to utterly refute the point you are trying to make.

Do you think that automobile fatalities are rare?
Strawman...this is about your claim that mistakes in warrant services are not rare.

Show that they are not rare. Use frequency if you wish. How many occur per day? Per week? Per month? Per quarter?

No one will disagree with you that even one erroneous service resulting in harm to an innocent is one too many. I doubt there is one department, agency, office that doesn't want there to be zero mistakes.

You read about the errors, the mistakes. Others of us read those stories and then read the comprehensive evaluations and the changes made based on what was learned from those mistakes.
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