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Pipedreams; Havasu; SGT HATRED, Thank you. My Bride and I are currently located in the Western part of Phoenix. A comical short story for you all. When looking for a house to rent, we would look at the surrounding area using google maps to see what was nearby. When we visited friends in Mesa we would look at neighborhoods also.

When we saw the house we are in, we zoomed out, saw the mountains and what appeared to be agricultural farming. Boy were we mistaken. Driving down W Broadway towards the house we saw not crops but Dairy Cows. Yep, the ladies provide nature's perfume for us. lol
We make the best of it though. Drive past and tell them good afternoon or good evening, made it into a game.

We hope to move closer in this coming Summer; Mesa or Tempe area.
All that being said, I do admit, Phoenix has grown on me and I am glad we made the move to Phoenix for our "New Beginning" to get our marriage back on track. Leave the negative inNorthern Virginia we promised each other and work hard on our marriage from now on.
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