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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
You do, you believe that very strongly. So what value would you give any answer I made? no need to respond.
But you have no problem with posing questions for me. Personally, I'm glad you are not answering, because it is becoming tedious to jump through the hoops you set up.

So law enforcement is to blame for prosecutor failure to prosecute based on the decisions of the coroner's inquest jurors.
Distrct Attorneys/Prosecutors are members of the law enforcement family.

Strawman...this is about your claim that mistakes in warrant services are not rare.
No, you want to use ratios to make your case that warrant service errors are rare. So, I am going to use the same criteria to make my case. Automobiles are used millions of times per day. Using a ratio of fatalities/times used, you could make the case that auto fatalities are rare.

Furthermore, I went back to see how we got on this discussion. It all started when I said that there were "many instances" of warrant service errors, and JBnTx said that warrant service errors were "extremely rare".
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