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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Guess what, the government could have gone to walmart, before 2010, bought a $100 Garmin and punched in your address and it would take them straight to your house - at worst, they wasted money.
Which makes me question the official explaination of gathering that particular data. If it was wasn't really needed for the purpose they said, what purpose would it be needed for?

I find it a little too convenient when those who question the motives of government, can be easily dismissed with the perjorative of "conspiracy theorist".

When the Social Security Act was first being proposed, it was objected to because of the assigning of a number to everyone. The majority of people did not want an identifying number. The people's concerns were assuaged with the assurance that the number would never be used for identification.

By today's standards, those who objected to the "identifying number" would be ridiculed as "conspiracy theorists".
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