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Originally Posted by Phantom465 View Post
I have watched lots of YouTube videos, so I have seen the tools required. I already have a vice to hold the receiver block. I would need to buy a torque wrench and a few other tools. It's always nice to add something to my toolbox. Assembling the lower looks fairly easy with the right tools. I may look into the complete upper as suggested. I plan to buy a few parts each month.

So long as you take your time, lowers are pretty easy. Take your time tapping in the roll pins, make sure the ears for the trigger guard are supported when you tap the roll pin in, and use the proper wrench to torque the castle nut, then stake it.

Everything else is relatively easy, just take your time. The upper is easy, as well, you just have to make sure you install and torque your barrel nut correctly, and use the right anti-seize on the barrel nut when you install it. Getting the proper torque value on that barrel nut is VERY important, and that's where the torque wrench comes in.
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