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Pennsylvania no longer recognizes Florida non-resident permits held by citizens of the Commonwealth.

You either qualify and apply for a Pennsylvania LCF or you cannot carry.

From the linked article...
Officials blame at least one 2010 murder on the loophole, that of a teen shot 13 times by 28-year-old Marqus G. Hill, who obtained a Florida permit after his Pennsylvania concealed-carry permit was revoked.
The tweak obviously should have been made to the PA law regarding carrying when a person's LCF is revoked. If there are grounds for revoking an LCF, it means you can't carry period.

NOW, HOWEVER, we all know that any permitting process is an un-Constitutional INFRINGEMENT on the 2nd Amendment.

And, yes, certainly Marqus G. Hill would not have shot Irving Santana had he not had the FL non-resident. We know that because Philadelphia authorities said so.

This 2010 news report/propaganda piece has interesting language: Cops: Murderer had Florida gun permit.
A Philadelphia man who murdered an 18-year-old by shooting him 13 times on Sunday had a Florida license to carry a concealed weapon, even though his Philadelphia license to carry had been revoked, police said.
Philadelphia license? Yes, it is issued through the Philadelphia authorities, but, it's still a PA LCF.

How will eliminating FL reciprocity impact straw purchases?
The police commissioner called Kane's measure "a bold step" that will save lives by reducing the number of straw purchasers who buy guns for other people.
That whole article is
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