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Originally Posted by firemax View Post
This is called deception. I agree almost totally with the definition. In the rush to "fit in" and join in the bashing, you may have forgot to read what I actually said. I was talking about greed. I was talking about one's own accountability for their greedy actions. There are obviously a few who fit the proverbial shoe. They twisted what I said. Go back and read. If you want to sell something for a high price you are free to do so. I would never want that freedom to change, It is when an individual, goes out and buys up all the ammo, loading supplies, mags, etc. making them scarce and at the same time driving the prices up for everyone then sells them for an unreasonable price. I have no use for someone like that. I never mentioned anything about a business or a supplier buying to stock their shelves. They provide a service and compete in the market. That is the difference. Also, i said someone who cares nothing at all for others, is a parasite. I still stand by that. These are the people ruining this country. If it is taking advantage of the 49%of those who work and pay taxes so they can live off of others or gougers. Both are the same in my opinion. Both take advantage of others. For those of you who seem to have trouble reading and comprehending what I just said. To the smart ***** who Is the grammar/typing skills police. I got my point across. Even though I used one paragraph to do it. If you don't like it don't read it. i was wise enough to make it without you so far.
Yeah well its become apparent that you aren't bright enough to practice deception.

Hit the enter key from time to time.

The beauty of the free market is that no one has to care about anyone else but everyone gets their needs met. So its apparent you still don't know what you're talking about, komrade.
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