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Originally Posted by glock39 View Post
I'm not either defending or blaming the cops on this one (at least until more facts come out). But the Rule of Law should equally to everyone.

If the cops screwed up, they should face the exact same criminal charges that a private citizen would. Maybe even a bit harsher, as they are supposed to have had more training to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

If there were extenuating circumstances, then the same benefit of the doubt needs to be applied to all civilian self-defense shootings as well.
I agree that the police when involved in a shooting like this should face the same process as a non-police in a shooting, sadly we all know that they will not. All you need to do is read any cop form and there is a very well defined line for us versus them. I have for years worked with police trainers from several countries and most of them are friends and I respect them but they belong to an exclusive club for police only.

Why so serious

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