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Originally Posted by ArrizX View Post
OK I was pretty set on a Masterpiece arms 9mm. Till I discovered you could buy extended barrels for glocks.

Only buying this gun has a plinker/novelty. I really love the Glock 20, with the 6" stainless lone wolf barrel.

The problem is a Glock 20 is 650 dollars, plus the 130 dollar barrel, vs I found the MPA Mac for 425 dollars. I would be into it almost double at 800 dollars vs the Mac at 425 and not doing anything too it.

Talk me into it, tell me its worth the extra money.
To buy arguably one of the most powerful pistols as a novelty means you don't need it. A firearm is a tool, not a toy. You buy a tool because it fills a need. I use my G20 as my daily carry and when I go deer hunting.

My two cents and best of luck.
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