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Originally Posted by SiGlockBoy View Post
Weste - You're reading it correctly. Above was incorrect. Locking block pin 1st out and 1st back in. It will either bend the spring tail or push it above the pin if done the other way. Either way will result in fixing or replacing something due to improper slide stop function.
Excellent advice -- and it took me a while to figure this out. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier, except I just got the notion in my head to reassemble in reverse order from a comment in one of the videos that was recommended to me. When I thought about why it didn't fit and why there wasn't some provision for where the tail of that spring could go, the only conclusion that made sense was to put the lock block pin back in first, instead of last. And I did have to reshape the spring tail a little bit after bending it slightly trying to get the lock block pin in after inserting the slide catch.

I have to get an armorer's book on Glocks. Anybody have a recommendation on the best text?
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