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Originally Posted by Sam Spade View Post
It doesn't matter if the cops were right or wrong in their read of things. It matters if they were reasonable.

I can't find any reasonableness here. The use of deadly force is generally in immediate defense of life. The shooter has to be able to articulate that the shootee had the means, opportunity and intent to cause death or serious injury to an innocent. I can't see where any of those factors can be articulated here.
In would agree.

Originally Posted by bear62 View Post
Can't find where they were illegal aliens (respectfully) can you give us a link??
Honestly Bear , I heard it from one of the horses mouth. I do not have a link to it but its very probable, especially in this city.
I'm sure those officers were giving multiple commands for that blue truck to stop which led to this event. I personally think it was excessive because you known if they were after a normal suspect of even a serial killer of some sort this would less likely to have happened. Replace a regular suspect with one that killed several police officers, then low and behold emotions run high. Apparently to most police, the lives of their "own" is far mor important.
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