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Originally Posted by hooligan74 View Post
I said "evidence to support the possibility", not "evidence of". What evidence is there to support the possibility of creationism?

OK, that makes it even more redundant - "Whichever way it happened is the way it happened." Is that what you're saying? Please tell me I'm still misunderstanding you.
It is what it is. It got this way precisely how it got this way. We are pretty good at describing what is, not so good at describing the moment it all started, or even if there was a start.

Describing with any detail, events that occurred hundreds of millions or billions of years ago is not an precise exersize.

Reasonable speculation? Speculation based on a supernatural being, that there is not one shred of evidence to support the existence of, is reasonable to you?

I see two problems with that. First, it may have been a rather normal appearing intelligence, after all, we are getting close to doing it, and we aren't all that super.

Second, if it were created, even using abilities we haven't even considered, that would be the nature of things, and not supernatural. Even the math behind BBT suggests a time when the normal laws of physics we observe today may not have applied.

OK, it's not a good analogy for the beginning of life on this planet. However, creationism dictates that the beginning of life on this planet was initiated by a sentient creative being. It is an excellent analogy of belief in that sentient creative being.

Nope. I've never claimed I could. Can you show me how belief in a sentient creative being is *more* logical? At least we've got solid scientific framework for the possibility of abiogenesis.
It's not more logical. We all have opinions on what is MORE logical. I personally think firm belief in either of two poorly supported beliefs, even though one is likely correct is illogical. That's why I don't have a firm belief that life just happened or that it was made. I'll wait until something convincing comes along then decide. Until then I don't worry to much about what happened billions of years ago (other than on GTRI), as I have plenty to learn about and do in the present.
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