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It went very well for us. We were there shortly after 8am. We started shooting right at 9am and we were all the way done by shortly after 10am. Everyone was great. Thank you to everyone that worked to make it happen. My scores were better than last month but not great. I still need to slow down. In Am-Civ I shot a borrowed Glock 22 again and came in at 70.94 I had 2 D's and 12 C's I gave up a lot of time in penalties again. In competition I shot the same borrowed G-22 and I came in at 67,40 I had 3 D's and 9 C's I had one decent (for me) run on the plate rack 3.4! In Sub compact I did poorly. I was shooting a borrowed G-26 that I had never shot before and I could not hit anything with it. I came in at 89.81 with 8 D's and 6 C's. Another decent run on the plates of 3.98 but three 7.xx runs messed that up. The weather was awesome! Only got one pic. It is of my son at 5 to Glock

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