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Originally Posted by Marlowe View Post
Keep in mind his allegation against the FTO was at least two weeks after the alleged incident, and, significantly, after the FTO gave him an unsatisfactory rating.

Also keep in mind that he was in the field for just four months after completing the Academy when he was called up on Active Duty with the Navy...and was deployed for twelve months. So, he did not complete his probationary period in the usual time frame.

When he returned from the deployment, he wanted to go BACK to the Academy because he didn't feel up to going back into patrol.

That request was denied, so he goes back into patrol. That is why he had an FTO at the time he made his allegation, because he was still completing his field training.

Note also that in the manifesto he claims one of the officers who beat Rodney King is still in LAPD in a position of rank. Not true. All four officers involved in that incident (who struck King) were fired and prosecuted twice.

Finally, regarding his allegations against the FTO, independent witnesses contradicted his testimony.

Remember, all this was during the Federal Consent degree period. The Department was under the DOJ microscope and would take such an allegation seriously. For them to send Dorner to a Board of Rights for making a false allegation, it means they were sure the allegation was not only unfounded but fabricated.

He had an attorney provided by the Police Protective League (a retired LAPD captain). I can tell you, from personal observation, that LA Police Protective League attorneys zealously represent their client.

Lets not forget that he did not murder the daughter of the Internal Affairs Advocate who would prosecuted the Board of Rights, nor the two captains and civilian who comprised the trial Board. Nor did he go after Chief Beck or former Chief Bratton. No, he murders the daughter of the man that DEFENDED him, and her fiancÚ.

He has zero credibility.

Another thought: when fired, an officer turns in his badge. Yet a badge, supposedly his, was recovered in San Diego recently. If it's his LAPD badge, he would have had to steal it. If it's a fake badge, that's also interesting. This guy is, or was, the inadequate wannabe type who happened to get hired by LAPD, but was clearly ill suited to the job.

Finally, consider the timing of all this.

Why now? He was fired years ago.

I speculate that there have been other recent stressors which caused him to turn his revenge fantasy into a reality.

The "Cause" is not the cause. The same was true of lone wolf offenders like the Unabomber (he had a manifesto, too), McVeigh and Buford Furrow. All were fundamentally homicidal mentally ill people who drummed up a political justification for their murderous acts. Dormer is simply cut from that dysfunctional cloth, with huge mental health problems and a homicidal tendency. Due to his narcissism, he needs to call attention to his imagined righteousness.

Sadly, many are taken in...
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