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Originally Posted by RyanBDawg View Post
Israel has been fighting a war since the 1940s.
The last time Israel fought in a major conflict was when? They got pissant border incursions now and then but when was the last time they fought against a standing military? Could it be the Yom Kippur War?

That's because Uncle Sam probably used some old school military hard-asses who refused to even consider a "plastic" gun when they were replacing the 1911 in the 1980s.
Plastic has nothing to do with it. The Beretta's grip panels are made out of plastic. As were the grip panels on the SIG Sauer P226 and HK P7, and Ruger P85, and SW pistols for the XM9 trials (first and second trials).

Uncle Sam specified a hammer fired system for positive ignition, which the Glock didn't and still doesn't have. BTW, how many times have Glock had to revise their striker firing system already? Not too Glock Perfection, eh?

Do you even remember why Glock had to revise their copper color firing mechanism to the black one in the early 1990s? Here's a hint: the spring couldn't handle the striker stay cocked for too long.

Why would I choose a gun that has almost 2x the individual parts, is heavier, and holds (standard) less ammo? Furthermore, how many times does the average soldier even pull their sidearm in modern conflict? I'd venture to say never.
Reliability. After all, it only passed the US Army XM9 trial twice while defeating all newcomers.

BTW, I have the 92, don't get me wrong it's a good gun, but there is no real advantage over it compared to a Glock, especially in a conflict zone like the Middle East where sand can more easily foul the open action of the Beretta when compared to the Glock (it's happened enough to warrant an investigation by the Army).
The same sand that supposedly jammed up the M1911A1 too? The same M1911A1 that accompanied GIs through Northern Africa and the Middle-East in WWII?

And like you said, the Brits have adopted it, replacing their decades old Hi-Powers..

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Yeah, barely. If it were so good then how come the Brits didn't adopt it way, way back? It's not like the British Army didn't know about the existence of the Glock's only been around 30-years.
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