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This thread is about Critical Duty. My 9mm P226 MK25 handles the CD 135+P with perfect reliability. Not so with the new 45 CriticalDuty 220+P in my FNP45 and FNX45; had a couple of feeding hangups on the feed ramp. Worked OK in my G21Gen4 but does not chamber "smoothly" in all three pistols. This round is hot and recoil is substantial. I've decided for now NOT to use the 45 CriticalDuty for carry, due to concerns over feed reliability. I've got plenty of other choices that work for me. In conclusion, I was disappointed in the new CriticalDuty 220+P after a long wait to get it!
I'm thru testing new ammo! I'll stick to the loads that have worked for me from now on! It will be interesting to see what other "beta testers" find out. Lesson is to always try your carry ammo before betting your life on it.

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