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Originally Posted by rdm1962 View Post
One of the youngsters that works for my was complaining earlier this week about not being able to find ammo. His solution was "well I'll just load my own". He asked my how much it would cost to load for 9mm and 22 long rifle. After I explained that 22's can't be reloaded. I asked how much of his previous fired brass he still had. "None, just left them at the range. I didn't think I would need them again." I explained the process of reloading to him. He felt it was too much work and money to do. He wanted me to just load some for him. I said I could but it wouldn't be cheep. He would be paying for my components, time and what ever mark up I felt the situation needed.

This kind of happen when Clinton was elected. The rush to but up the soon be banned guns started. After the thrill wore off and the expense of the sport set in there were some deal to slightly used arms. I hope this will be the case this time.
You will need a Federal Firearms License to do this since that would constitute a commercial ammunition practice.
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