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This match ran "smooth", because it ran "fast". Smooth is fast, eh?

Mike had enough stages set - but just as importantly, adjacent stages were run simultaneously by reducing timer sensitivity and (after extensive ongoing RO training), having the ROs keep the timers pointed at the muzzle and not at the ground or into space. When you run 3 adjacent stages simultaneously (or 2 stages simultaneously) things go that much faster. Our single squadding RO fed 3 stages and we never had a backup or significant wait all weekend.

I advocated this reduced timer sensitivity/simultaneous stage shooting for more than 2 years but it took Mark Ramsey from GSSF to come along and make it happen. It's an easy fix for slow matches, but ignored for YEARS. It does require some RO re-training and that has not happened system-wide... yet. Still a few ROs who "have always done it another way" and are too stubborn to learn and change. With Mark on the scene, I think this will eventually change and ROs be properly trained system-wide.
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