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Originally Posted by AZson View Post
I'm still perplexed by the reason he was fired? He filed a false report about a fellow police officer? I'm just thinking
Yep, you get fired for that in a heartbeat. Itís due to a court case known as Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963).

In that decision, the court ruled that an accused is entitled to be made aware of all exculpatory evidence that might help their case. This court also ruled that knowing a witness officer has a history of official dishonesty is exculpatory and defense counsel must be provided with this information.

Defense counsel may then question the officers in open court as to the circumstances under which they were previously dishonest. This calls their credibility into question, making them worthless as a witness. If you are worthless as a witness, you can no longer function effectively as a police officer and are terminated.

To get a better idea as to when you can lie and when you canít, take a look at
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