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Originally Posted by RyanBDawg View Post
That's exactly what they are doing.

They didn't call that terrorism because we wouldn't dare call out a Muslim, especially an American one.

AR-15 owners are a much more "terrorist" possibility to the criminals who occupy D.C. than avowed Al-Queda sympathizers are.

In all honesty, if the LAPD finds this guy hiding out with sympathizers somewhere in the So. Cal area and wind up killing everyone, the 92 riots will pale in comparison.

I wouldn't want to be in LA if that happens.

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I don't see how killing two cops is terrorism, it's definitely not right and this guy should get what he deserves but why isnt every gang in cal considered terrorists? I hate these double standards. Shouldn't every gang that kills an officer be considered terrorist? And have trigger happy police and drone operators after them? I honestly think they should.

And sending drones after him? I bet they don't do that after every fallen officer. Something tells me there's more to this and they want this guy dead to cover their asses I guarantee he won't be taken alive.
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