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Originally Posted by JDO View Post
I don't see how killing two cops is terrorism, it's definitely not right and this guy should get what he deserves but why isnt every gang in cal considered terrorists? I hate these double standards. Shouldn't every gang that kills an officer be considered terrorist? And have trigger happy police and drone operators after them? I honestly think they should.

And sending drones after him? I bet they don't do that after every fallen officer. Something tells me there's more to this and they want this guy dead to cover their asses I guarantee he won't be taken alive.
Are you being intentionally obtuse? You're talking about the two officers, but what about the girl and her fiance over last weekend? Are they just "random casualties", even though he SPECIFICALLY NAMED targets and their families, and the followed through with it?

This is NOT just about two officers that got shot - though they count, too! No, this is about a guy that's "calling his shots" and then taking those shots.

I can't believe how hard that seems to be for some folks to understand.
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