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Andy W originally asked the question... Would I feel comfortable using a .22 if that's all I had?

I got to thinking, kicking this "what if" scenario around is fine and perhaps thought provoking, but in reality I guess my thoughts are... Never allow yourself to get into that position in the first place. Isn't that what "preparedness" is all about?

Look most of us have taken precautions to secure our homes, cars, businesses and for personal protection (if you haven't already) you can obtain a CCW to protect yourself on the streets. All of the above I have mentioned - doesn't involve a .22, so the chances of "if that's all I have" are slim to none!

Now I have a .22 rifle and a pistol and i really enjoy shooting them and yes the ammo of today can not even be compared to the ammo I shot when I was a kid. The fact of the matter is that those .22 weapons are not even in the mix for ALL of the home/self defense plans.

If at home... by the time I work my way down from my Trusty Winchester shot gun, all my S&W's, my Glocks, down to my Bersa Thunder 380 - folks if the threat hasn't been stopped by then... well a .22 pistol isn't going to do me much good at all.

Moral of the story; The way I have prepared my own home/self defense plans is that a .22 isn't even in the mix. I never want to get to the place where I have to say - "if a .22 is all that you have"

Just some random thoughts before I have my morning coffee so please excuse the rambling.

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