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Gen 4 G30 worth $100 more than Gen 3 G30??? Sell me on it.

So I've had the itch to buy a G30 for some time now, I own a very early (WH prefix) G21 and really love it even though a have normal sized hands. I'm left-handed so it's easy for me to run the large frame Glocks. I've been looking for a used G30 (non-SF) for a little while and they are either selling for $500 (about $75 too much IMHO) or they are beat to hell for about $450. My local high volume LEO supply dealer across town has new G30 and G30SF models in stock for $550 (non-LEO here). I know that's the average new price of the large frame non-Gen 4 models pre-SandyHook. My around the corner tiny gunshop who usually sells stuff near list price just got in a GEN 4 G30 yesterday morning for $648.
Is the GEN 4 really worth $100 more in the compact models such as the G30? The normal G30 already has the dual spring recoil assembly. I like the new texture, but I DON"T like the new finish Glock is applying to their guns. I suppose a new GEN 3 G30 would have the same finish as a GEN 4 if they were manufactured recently, so I suppose it's a wash in this department.

I suppose my real options are pay $500 for an older G30 with the flat finish I prefer or go with the GEN 4?

Opinions? If you have a GEN 4 G30 and upgraded from an older G30, I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Thanks in advance for your time in posting to this thread.
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