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Advantage Arms 22LR Conversion Kits for G23 Gen4 and G27 experience?

Hi all.
I have purchased and am waiting on delivery for the G23 Gen4 and G27 Advantage Arms conversion kits so I can shoot 22LR for practice and still keep the same format of firearm that I will be using for carry for myself and the wife.

Does anyone have experience with them?

I was able to find a boatload of Federal Champion Bulk 550 bricks of 22LR in Walmart so I stocked up in advance on about 6 boxes worth. Now I am being told that this stuff may not shoot too well in the AA conversion slides...
Any experience with this ammo in the AA?

Any other input or feedback on what you think I will likely expect in terms of user experience would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind dealing with a few hiccups here and there at the range and certainly don't expect it to be 100% reliable without a few FTF/FTE scenarios but I am just hoping that I am not setting myself up for a completely frustrating experience with these.

I was going to buy Ruger SR22's for practice but decided to go this route so that I could keep the same form factor of my carry Glocks instead of a totally different feel of the Ruger during practice at the range.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions?

Any tweaks that can be done to the factory AA Conversion slide and upper to make it more reliable and trouble free ?

Thanks again
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